Random Acts Of Kindness: Day 6 September 16

This one is short an sweet…a twofer!

On my way to my girls spa day, I needed to reload my Charlie card.

I saw a woman struggling with a bill in the machine. She couldn’t get it to go and she was running late. I loaded my card, waved her over and then swiped my card to let her through.

Then I swiped it for myself. She wanted to give me the money (a $20) but I told her “No, just change that old bill for a new one so you will be able to get home tonight.”

At the Dunkin Donuts in the station there was a homeless man who couldn’t afford a donut so I bought my coffee but this time I ordered the combo that comes with two donuts and handed him the bag as I boarded the train.

Good deeds done and feet are wunderbar!


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