Sweating the small stuff….

It seems to me that blogging is nothing more than a public journal. Filled with one’s own opinions and view points.

So after reading a lengthy diatribe on whether or not we should concern ourselves with a story of a manager getting fired for purchasing food for emergency response people, I thought this would be a better place to voice my opinion.

Yes, there are many gigantic problems in this world. We as humans are extremely flawed and fall prey to host of character weaknesses: greed, lust, jealousy, power lust, hatred.

Our planet’s environment needs cleaning, our politics need revising and the way we deal with each other on a global level is appalling in many respects. Yet, to ask one person to solve world peace or end poverty is like asking an ant to move the Empire State Building.

Behavioral changes take time. Global societal changes take even more time, but it starts with awareness. Getting people to say hey it’s wrong to fire someone over an act of kindness, is small. It will not change the world tomorrow, but it may lead to a subtle change in the way we treat each other. This may lead to others “paying it forward”. Or, maybe just viewing kindness to others as normal.

This may in turn lead to a growing climate of good will and community, which may lead to something more– like world peace.

Far fetched you may ask? Maybe but a tidal wave of change starts with the first pebble to ripple a complacent lake.

So, maybe the story of the restaurant manager was fiction. Maybe it wasn’t. It doesn’t really matter, for if just one person begins to be aware that we need to treat each other better, then the first pebble has been cast. May it cause a tidal wave of kindness large enough to combat our greed and hate.

A Note On Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day season. You know the made up holiday to give us diabetes and make every single girl feel inferior if they aren’t being wooed and pursued every February 14th.

In recent generations, men have felt the pressure to be romantic on this day and then stow romance away for another year. Really? One day because the candy companies say you have to? Boys, that so wrong!

I have never been one for forced sentiment days. If a man wants to be with me, I expect that he will show me this on a regular basis, not just one day a year.

I do like lavishing attention on friends, family and lovers, but the time and place is at my discretion. Likewise, if my boyfriend pays attention to me the other 364 days of the year, Valentine’s day means nothing, but an excuse for sex. And, I’ve never needed an excuse, so this day has never been a pull-out-all-the-stops type of day for me. I have romance when I want it, sex when I want it, and alone time when I don’t. I pamper my lover on Valentine’s if I have one and myself if I don’t…actually I pamper myself whether or not I am in a relationship, he just gets to enjoy the attention too.

I remember friends and family on this day as well, because love comes in many different forms and everyone likes to know that they are loved.

Also, if a man hasn’t paid the right kind of attention to me, he probably won’t last to Valentine’s day and that’s fine with me. I never want to be tied to an emotional albatross. I’m much too good for that–no conceit here, I just won’t settle.

Some say this is why I never married, my standards are too high. But, really is that true? I don’t date and toss men away for superficial reasons. When a relationship ends I know I have given it my all and have closure. What more can you ask of me?

So what do I expect on this ooey-gooey holiday? Love. Warmth. Fun.

Wether your a romantic partner or friend/family, remember me on this day with hugs and kisses. Laugh with me, cry with me, act silly with me.

Make me smile. Make me glad you are in my life. And I will do the same for you in return.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

The Curse of Tamoxifen Moose

Some folks are lucky with percentages like winning a high lottery jackpot. I am also good with rare percentages but not the ones anyone wants to win.

First I had an 80:20 chance of not getting breast cancer. Yep I was in that 20%.

Then post cancer treatment, they give me tamoxifen to help prevent the cancer from returning. Well I read upon this drug I would be taking for 5 years and it said that less than 2% will experience weight gain and trouble losing weight. Really?!?

Now 4 years later, I have gained 60 pounds, despite going to the gym. I went shopping yesterday and after hours of shopping I was convinced I needed to sew my lips closed.

Now don’t get me wrong, while I don’t like the weight gain, I do understand that it’s better than seeing cancer return. I even have a good sense of humor about it, because I know that in a year I will stop this medicine and then my workouts and healthier eating habits will have a great impact on my weight.

Until then I make jokes, wear a lot of Comfy clothes, workout and avoid unnecessarily fattening foods.

My body resembles a cuddly stuffed animal, which is my own brand of sexy. In fact, since cancer I have had more younger men chasing after me than ever. It’s very amusing. So I won’t be rocking the bikini any time soon. I can dance some youngsters under the table and I can laugh with the best of them.

Luis’s Party

My friend was celebrating his birthday. He is famous for wild dance parties that last until the wee hours of the morning. I’ve stayed to the end of many of those parties, but sadly not recently.


Dee had just come home from the hospital, so I had cancelled the majority my weekend plans, but I promised him that I would come by for at least one drink.

It’s been a year since I had been out dancing and I hadn’t realized how much I missed it.


I loved the energy, seeing old friends and (while I left really early) feeling revitalized when I went home

So to my friend, Luis. Happy Birthday!
Next year I promised I will be able to stay longer! Oh and you still need to cook me dinner (lol before I am 90)