Love !

Well said… true love is more than a chemical reaction. It’s about listening, sharing and giving as well. Too many times we take and not give.

banafsheh 's short stories

I went to bed early last night for a change after a heavy night of listening to my peeps about personal issues and one subject was indeed Love ! Then as I entered my driveway for the the first time this year I finally started smelling the aroma of my gates of heaven , the cherry blossoms . Such a magical feeling that I wished I could simply put a bed there and sleep underneath the white sheet of blossoms..And the aroma of love! And then suddenly at 10.45pm I started singing LOUD the magnificent song of  Adele ” Hometown Glory ” ..It was Euphoric !

Got to my resting area , home and then opened my Facebook and read a post ; ” What would you call a person awakening your love with no intention of loving you?” ..It was heartfelt !

It made me sad ! I didnt want…

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