Love !

Well said… true love is more than a chemical reaction. It’s about listening, sharing and giving as well. Too many times we take and not give.

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I went to bed early last night for a change after a heavy night of listening to my peeps about personal issues and one subject was indeed Love ! Then as I entered my driveway for the the first time this year I finally started smelling the aroma of my gates of heaven , the cherry blossoms . Such a magical feeling that I wished I could simply put a bed there and sleep underneath the white sheet of blossoms..And the aroma of love! And then suddenly at 10.45pm I started singing LOUD the magnificent song of  Adele ” Hometown Glory ” ..It was Euphoric !

Got to my resting area , home and then opened my Facebook and read a post ; ” What would you call a person awakening your love with no intention of loving you?” ..It was heartfelt !

It made me sad ! I didnt want…

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This one needs a title….

Suggestions welcomed….

When I was young, I fell in love on a star.

I chased my love through the Milky Way.

We played our game throughout the cosmos, shining our own light.

Writing our own story in the dark.

Laughter skipped across the planets raining music upon their atmosphere.

My love and I danced on Venus, colored Mars red

I am old now, too old to dance across the Milky Way.

Too old to hear the music play. My love has gone away, but waits amongst the stars and watches.

Watches my light grow tired and sheds tears of hope down on me. Until the day the darkness comes and I am free again to play amongst the stars.

I am German

I am German;
I am not a Nazi
I am German;
My ancestors were not holocaust
I am German;
My ancestors were not the SS
I am German;
My family were farmers & teachers
I am German;
I am practical & logical
I am German;
I have a sense of humor
I am German;
I am kind
I am German;
I am proud of how the German
people rebuilt their country out of
the shreds left behind the war
I am German;
I am proud to stand up for my

I am proud, kind, funny & resourceful.

I am German.