Fat Like Me

This is for a young person I know quite well who believes the garbage put out in society and media and is dealing with a lot of misguided self-image beliefs.

Fat Like Me 

Do you see me?

Through the layers?

Really see me, the soul that beats inside eyes?

Does your gaze make it that far north?

Or is it stopped by layers?

If only there weren’t so many, what an attractive face?

You’re so caught up in the superficial, can you see

My heart is breaking?

All dressed up for a night out do you see a circus tent? A clown?

You don’t hid your sneers, the rude comments said just loud enough.

No eye contact, no. Maybe we would have to speak.

Maybe then you’ll be stuck, while your friends laugh.

You walk passed. Gone.

The vivacious soul, the quick wit and captivating mind are something

you will never know

For you didn’t see … me.

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