Luis’s Party

My friend was celebrating his birthday. He is famous for wild dance parties that last until the wee hours of the morning. I’ve stayed to the end of many of those parties, but sadly not recently.


Dee had just come home from the hospital, so I had cancelled the majority my weekend plans, but I promised him that I would come by for at least one drink.

It’s been a year since I had been out dancing and I hadn’t realized how much I missed it.


I loved the energy, seeing old friends and (while I left really early) feeling revitalized when I went home

So to my friend, Luis. Happy Birthday!
Next year I promised I will be able to stay longer! Oh and you still need to cook me dinner (lol before I am 90)



A letter to my mom…

Toora, loora, loora
Toora, loora, li
Toora, loora, loora
Hush, now, don’t you cry
Toora, loora, loora
Toora, loora, li
Toora, loora, loora
It’s an Irish lullaby

Over in Killarney, many years ago
My mother sang this song to me in tones so sweet and low
Just a simple little ditty in her good old Irish way
And I’d give the world if she could sing that song to me this day

Toora, loora, loora
Toora, loora, li
Toora, loora, loora
Hush, now, don’t you cry
Toora, loora, loora
Toora, loora, li
Toora, loora, loora
It’s an Irish lullaby

Dear mom…

You’re right down stairs, yet I can’t make myself get out of bed and go to you. I can’t ask you to hold me in your arms and stroke my hair and sing this song to me until I fall off to sleep. I’ve grown too old for such things.

Oh, but how hearing this brings back such sweet memories. Bittersweet feelings rise in me as I know I can never have those days back. The bed time stories, the lullabies, the soft sweet way you had in sending me off to my dreams, I remember them all. I remember the tenderness.

It’s one of my most treasured memories and one of the things I will miss the most until the day I die. Thank you for giving me such a precious thing to hold on to.

Love you

Random Acts Of Kindness: Day 6 September 16

This one is short an sweet…a twofer!

On my way to my girls spa day, I needed to reload my Charlie card.

I saw a woman struggling with a bill in the machine. She couldn’t get it to go and she was running late. I loaded my card, waved her over and then swiped my card to let her through.

Then I swiped it for myself. She wanted to give me the money (a $20) but I told her “No, just change that old bill for a new one so you will be able to get home tonight.”

At the Dunkin Donuts in the station there was a homeless man who couldn’t afford a donut so I bought my coffee but this time I ordered the combo that comes with two donuts and handed him the bag as I boarded the train.

Good deeds done and feet are wunderbar!


Random Acts Of Kindness: Day 4 & 5 – September 14 & 15.

I haven’t been feeling well this weekend. Never had a spider bite that made me ill, but I woke up Saturday with two such bites on my wrist. It foiled all my plans for the weekend. So my RAK’s for the weekend are simple and electronic.

I washed down my neighbor’s sidewalk, came in and read emails. Seems a dog is in need of eye surgery so I’m linking its owner with a vet that will work out a payment plan.

I danced for a young couple newlywed this weekend. Will send them a house warming when they are settled.

And then a friend with a psycho ex is telling me about threats and accusations being made. I hate messy break ups, never had one myself, but have nursed more than a few friends through them.

Well it seems that even though we don’t know each other, the “ex” and I are connected through a friend of a friend etc. It’s a small world really.

Turns out this person always has trouble letting go and borders on the obsessive and paranoid type. Our mutual acquaintances have been trying to find this person help. Despite the ongoing battle with my friend, I don’t like seeing anyone in pain. And, I am in the position to help. Working for a union, we helped many folks with emotional and mental situations.

I knew someone who specialized in healing these types of relationship problems. So I passed the information along, got an email from my friend who said that her friend agreed to go with “the ex” to a counseling session.
My hope is that these simple things produce good results. At least I’ve pointed them in the right direction.

The dog owner and the ex will probably never know me personally, but that’s fine. Karma has a strange way of placing us where we need to be at that moment in time. So maybe I’ve set a sort of “good” dominoes action into play.

I’ve never been one to look for or expect demonstrations of gratitude. It’s always been enough for me to know that a smile or a shift into the fortunate is a result.

As for me, it’s Mexican independence celebrations in the neighborhood, so I’m shut up in the middle of the house with headphones on, trying to alleviate my migraine. Then I will watch my 9r’s and call it a night. Sweet dreams world…..and happy birthday to my star!

Random acts of kindness project: Day 3 – September 13

Those of you on my Facebook know I try and help my friends as much as I can, but sometimes in helping a friend you stumble into a kindness done for a stranger.

A friend of mine recently found himself unexpectedly homeless. That was one thing, but in addition to being out on the streets his two cats were out of a home too.

Alone, finding a shelter or crashing on a couch isn’t a problem, but with two cats many doors were closed that would otherwise be open. The dilemma now became finding them a new home–fast; or finding a no kill shelter.

He asked me to help get the word out to see if we could find them a good home, so I sent messages out to friends, Facebook friends, and on Craigslist. It wasn’t long before messages started coming in. Many were notes of contrite deferment, but some offered suggestions. Then I got what would be the best email. A young mother with an autistic boy was looking for cats, per the advice of his therapist.

After reading her email my friend was touched. She called and talked to him and told him of her daughter who was so excited that she had been surfing the Internet for toys.

This hard working mom is also a full time student and money was tight. She asked if there was an adoption fee. “No, all I want is for them to have a good home.”

I think it was a done deal the moment he read her email, but we arranged a time for her to bring the children to meet his “children.”

I can’t describe the look on the little boy’s face, but I will never forget it either. The little girl had the glee of a child when she spotted them in their crate, but the little boy….

His eyes went wide and he was all at once excited and calm. He sat down on the floor beside the crate and calmly stroked the cats, first one then the other. The male cat took to him immediately, cuddling his head in the boy’s cupped hand. It was a rare, instantaneous and unconditional love that bonds two souls together.

This was fine with his sister who was taken with the female cat. Their mother beaming as she looked from one child to the next. I thought my friend was going to get a bit misty watching this transaction.

The only trouble we had was transferring the cats from the crate to their carriers. As with most cats, the didn’t like this and I thought the boy was going to cry when one scratched me. “It’s all my fault! I scared him.”

“No, no dear,” I assured him,”its the carrier, not you.” He put his fingers in the holes of the carrier and the cat rubbed against him. The boy smiled.
My friend smiled and so did the mom.

Ten minutes later, they were gone. But, it was more than finding pets a home, we brought together an autistic boy with a true friend and companion.