Negotiating FB and Fine Art Nude photography

You live and you learn.

I never expected to get banned from Facebook, even for an hour, and certainly not for violating obscenity and pornography laws. Yet that is exactly what happened.

I have participated in only 4 educational nude shoots. All of which would be classified in the area of fine art nude.

I have only posted pictures on my Facebook photography page from two of them. The first over a year ago, which consisted of two photographs with an eyes wide shut theme.

The second set was on beach nudes. I particularly liked the resulting photos which were inspired by oils of water nymphs and mermaids.

I posted them at 2 am on Sunday night/ Monday morning.

They were up all day and getting some likes. Then I get up from a nap at 9pm and it said I was in violation. It listed several photos all from my personal FB page’s mobile uploads and none of which were nudes, but wanted me to remove the offending images (this despite removing all but 4 of the pics themselves).

After scrolling all through the photos they asked me to review, I certified that there weren’t any nudes in the batch.

I went on playing my games etc. and then about 2am, I got another notice saying that well, basically they missed one that showed a breast. Really?

I get videos of folks simulating sex, men masturbating etc. there are plenty of topless pics on other FB photography pages. Yet, I get this notice that they have removed the offensive photo and have banned me from posting for 24 hours.

I went to several photography pages to see if I was correct and there were full frontal nude males and topless females etc.

So, I sent them a messages explaining that these were fine art nudes based on classical oil paintings from the great artists of the renaissance that can be found in any museum. I explained my knowledge of the other works available on FB and based on that, I didn’t believe the ban was warranted…

I’m still banned, I’m guessing until 2 am tomorrow. How ridiculous.

So I googled if this has happened to others and indeed it has. It seems I have probably been the victim of one of my “followers” complaining. Turns out if nipples are visible they can decide to remove the photo…although they don’t in every case.

It makes me wonder how a photo of a “siren on the shore” with just one breast revealed in profile, is more offensive than a guy simulating a tribal dance completely naked and while it was in shadow, his penis is clearly visible. That photo (which is also art) is still up. My single breast was removed.

I wonder if I had listed the photo as Silkies found on a beach by National Geographic if they would let it stay up?