Thanksgiving 2014


I am thankful for the letter “F”

I’m sitting watching skaters dance on Frog Pond this crisp fall day, remembering the days when my own childish laughter echoed through the bright days.

Closing my eyes I’m transported back to the past when the smells of leaves, apples and spices filled the air and the promise of snow was something exciting. I would sit under the dining room table next to the burning fire from the stove watching TV specials while mom turned out a banquet of treats both savory and sweet, in the three days leading up to thanksgiving.

The day itself could be summed up by the letter F:
Fun, Food, Friends, Family and Football.

Those memories have given me strength over this last year, which has been one of the most difficult in my adult life. It has made me look at this upcoming holiday season with a bittersweet anticipation. There is so much more difficulty ahead of my family, yet there is hope. Hope that sits in my soul that we can get back some of that laughter and excitement.

Reflecting on all that has transpired this year, I find that thanksgiving for me still equates to “F”. For every trial or opportunity that I have encountered it has been friends and family that have shown me support and the courage to go forward.

Every time I have wanted to retreat into my shell and stay there, a silver lining would surface allowing me to fight for the future.

For those of you who either participated or bore witness to this time, I have so much to thank you for:

Mary, you are so young and have a lot more learning to do, but on Barbie’s birthday you showed a clear headed calmness that was much needed.

To my family, thank you for rallying to my support when needed.

Billy I truly believe that the amputations will be a blessing in disguise for you, giving you more mobility, better health and a reason to fight for the future.

Mom and Dee spending time away from you has provided me with a clarity I wouldn’t have had, it has committed me to change with no going back.

To my friends, despite not being around much the few times I’ve reached out you have been there for me when I needed it. I’m not good at asking for help or sharing, but I’m learning and I am so very grateful to you.

To my new friends, welcome into my chaos. You are a true light shining in my weary world.

To the children in my life you keep me young and remind me of laughter on frosty fall days.

May all of you know the love and support I have had in this past year without the turmoil that precipitated it.

And may 2015 represent a new F… Living Fierce.

Happy Thanksgiving

Random Acts Of Kindness: Day 4 & 5 – September 14 & 15.

I haven’t been feeling well this weekend. Never had a spider bite that made me ill, but I woke up Saturday with two such bites on my wrist. It foiled all my plans for the weekend. So my RAK’s for the weekend are simple and electronic.

I washed down my neighbor’s sidewalk, came in and read emails. Seems a dog is in need of eye surgery so I’m linking its owner with a vet that will work out a payment plan.

I danced for a young couple newlywed this weekend. Will send them a house warming when they are settled.

And then a friend with a psycho ex is telling me about threats and accusations being made. I hate messy break ups, never had one myself, but have nursed more than a few friends through them.

Well it seems that even though we don’t know each other, the “ex” and I are connected through a friend of a friend etc. It’s a small world really.

Turns out this person always has trouble letting go and borders on the obsessive and paranoid type. Our mutual acquaintances have been trying to find this person help. Despite the ongoing battle with my friend, I don’t like seeing anyone in pain. And, I am in the position to help. Working for a union, we helped many folks with emotional and mental situations.

I knew someone who specialized in healing these types of relationship problems. So I passed the information along, got an email from my friend who said that her friend agreed to go with “the ex” to a counseling session.
My hope is that these simple things produce good results. At least I’ve pointed them in the right direction.

The dog owner and the ex will probably never know me personally, but that’s fine. Karma has a strange way of placing us where we need to be at that moment in time. So maybe I’ve set a sort of “good” dominoes action into play.

I’ve never been one to look for or expect demonstrations of gratitude. It’s always been enough for me to know that a smile or a shift into the fortunate is a result.

As for me, it’s Mexican independence celebrations in the neighborhood, so I’m shut up in the middle of the house with headphones on, trying to alleviate my migraine. Then I will watch my 9r’s and call it a night. Sweet dreams world…..and happy birthday to my star!