Crying In The Rain

I held on to a dream
For as long as I was able.

I held on to a hope
Believed in a lie, a fable

Stark reality rips my heart
Sorrow blankets the dream in darkness.

It’s time to act
It’s time to change circumstances
Forget the dream it’s an illusion
And forge ahead with life the best I can
Aware of my shackles
Aware of the fact that I will never live my dream or be free of the dark.
No rainbows for me. No sun, only scant light

But I can survive in grey, right?

This one needs a title….

Suggestions welcomed….

When I was young, I fell in love on a star.

I chased my love through the Milky Way.

We played our game throughout the cosmos, shining our own light.

Writing our own story in the dark.

Laughter skipped across the planets raining music upon their atmosphere.

My love and I danced on Venus, colored Mars red

I am old now, too old to dance across the Milky Way.

Too old to hear the music play. My love has gone away, but waits amongst the stars and watches.

Watches my light grow tired and sheds tears of hope down on me. Until the day the darkness comes and I am free again to play amongst the stars.

I am German

I am German;
I am not a Nazi
I am German;
My ancestors were not holocaust
I am German;
My ancestors were not the SS
I am German;
My family were farmers & teachers
I am German;
I am practical & logical
I am German;
I have a sense of humor
I am German;
I am kind
I am German;
I am proud of how the German
people rebuilt their country out of
the shreds left behind the war
I am German;
I am proud to stand up for my

I am proud, kind, funny & resourceful.

I am German.



Take me away
To a deserted beach
By a bay

Where problems can’t reach
And I don’t fear the rise of the day.

Take me away
I’m to tired to fight
There’s no more to say
I don’t want to fear the night

Take me away
Hold me in your arms
Keep the world at bay
Soothing me with your charms

Take me away
Where no more lies can reach me
Where dreams don’t decay
And joy is all I see

Take me away
To a beach by the bay
Where alcohol does not exist
Where the pain it reaps does not twist
My heart into tiny broken knots
Hope — Never to regain

Take me away; Give me peace

Take me away; give me silence

Take me away; where I never have to see self-destruction

Take me away; so I can breathe again


No this isn’t my micro fiction piece, just a little poem inspired by fog on a lake and my longing to be suspended in it.


It came over me when I fell asleep in your arms.

White vapor, softening reality
Until all was gone.

I feel your strength and know I’m safe drifting in the vapor.

Will this fade from me? Or will it blow away with the breeze?

Will the sun’s hot rays punch a hole in this serenity? Nothing lasts forever…

can it?