Calling All 49er fans TOUCH DOWN!

Despite being a New Englander Tony McNeil has been a loyal 9er’s fan since the days of Montana and Rice. About the only thing he liked as much was his Hennessy.

His dream was to see the 9’er’s live.  We planned to go this year, to celebrate his overcoming colon cancer. 

Unfortunately, we will never enjoy that game together.  After a year of chemo and radiation, the cancer had spread to his groin, brain and heart.  Still he fought on, then the strokes. Nearly blind he joked that he would make it to pre-season.

He fought on, but this week it proved too much for him, with friends and family by his side, he let a single tear fall, before letting go, letting the cancer take him far from us.

This disease not only ravaged his body, it ravaged him financially.  He had no insurance and no one who can afford to pay the entire cost of the funeral.

$2500 is all that is needed to send him to eternal rest instyle like a true 9ers fan should be, we are not a rich group, but several of us have donated to a fund to see this man buried with dignity; to insure that cancer doesn’t take that from him.

Won’t you help a fellow 9ers fan? And contribute any amount to his go fund? You don’t need to know him, show him that 9er’s fans look after each other.

Let’s show him that cancer sucks!, but it can’t rob us from our dignity.

To make a donation, Just click the link below:

Sweating the small stuff….

It seems to me that blogging is nothing more than a public journal. Filled with one’s own opinions and view points.

So after reading a lengthy diatribe on whether or not we should concern ourselves with a story of a manager getting fired for purchasing food for emergency response people, I thought this would be a better place to voice my opinion.

Yes, there are many gigantic problems in this world. We as humans are extremely flawed and fall prey to host of character weaknesses: greed, lust, jealousy, power lust, hatred.

Our planet’s environment needs cleaning, our politics need revising and the way we deal with each other on a global level is appalling in many respects. Yet, to ask one person to solve world peace or end poverty is like asking an ant to move the Empire State Building.

Behavioral changes take time. Global societal changes take even more time, but it starts with awareness. Getting people to say hey it’s wrong to fire someone over an act of kindness, is small. It will not change the world tomorrow, but it may lead to a subtle change in the way we treat each other. This may lead to others “paying it forward”. Or, maybe just viewing kindness to others as normal.

This may in turn lead to a growing climate of good will and community, which may lead to something more– like world peace.

Far fetched you may ask? Maybe but a tidal wave of change starts with the first pebble to ripple a complacent lake.

So, maybe the story of the restaurant manager was fiction. Maybe it wasn’t. It doesn’t really matter, for if just one person begins to be aware that we need to treat each other better, then the first pebble has been cast. May it cause a tidal wave of kindness large enough to combat our greed and hate.