5 years ago


My dark half


5 years ago I never thought:

I would be quarantined for a year+

I would not be traveling

I would almost lose my mom and spend nearly a year in the hospital helping her get “home”

I would be left alone as her sole care giver on a daily basis

That my life and world would shrink into just 3 rooms of chaos.

That I would spend so many days feeling helpless and alone.

That my mom would never be the same

That life could spin so out of control so fast

That my world would get so terrifying

That there is no help, not for me.

That those acquaintances I was kind to would turn on me.

That I would be so unsure of what is around the corner.

That I would fear never being able to take another trip with my mom.

That I would helplessly watch someone commit slow suicide.

That I would feel so numb.


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