Personal Branding

In the course of my work and educational life, I have learned to shake up my perspective of myself, to constantly strive to refresh both my listening and communication skills and to be aware of my faults/weaknesses as well as my talents/strengths. The former keeps me humble and striving to improve. The latter, gives me focus.

I am taking course on personal branding. It’s much like what we do for companies, but in the new faster-paced, internet-driven world we need to do this for ourselves as well as our companies.

It’s first bit of homework is to wake us up on how we see ourselves and how others around us see us. First we answer 4 questions on what we believe are our talents, values, strengths and weaknesses. Then we have to make that awkward ask of friends and associates to tell us the truth about us as they see it in relation to the same questions.

They are to assess our work and relationships (not just romantic but all relationships)

I asked about 15 and have just started getting them back. It’s interesting to see not only how they see me, but also how the assess the questions.

While admittedly they are only just starting to come back, I find that some take the relationship question as literal romantic relationships and not all relationships in general.

That made me smile. Not, because they got it right or wrong but because the questions are so open to interpretation.

I admit I’m both interested and a bit apprehensive at those that are still to come in. It’s hard to face your weaknesses, but a little exciting too.

I am starting to see “brand Sandy” form. This brand will follow me through blogs and articles, into my writing and photography promos and be a consistent presence in my bio’s and profiles.

On Wednesday my first draft is due. It will be amazing to see it unfold?