The Curse of Tamoxifen Moose

Some folks are lucky with percentages like winning a high lottery jackpot. I am also good with rare percentages but not the ones anyone wants to win.

First I had an 80:20 chance of not getting breast cancer. Yep I was in that 20%.

Then post cancer treatment, they give me tamoxifen to help prevent the cancer from returning. Well I read upon this drug I would be taking for 5 years and it said that less than 2% will experience weight gain and trouble losing weight. Really?!?

Now 4 years later, I have gained 60 pounds, despite going to the gym. I went shopping yesterday and after hours of shopping I was convinced I needed to sew my lips closed.

Now don’t get me wrong, while I don’t like the weight gain, I do understand that it’s better than seeing cancer return. I even have a good sense of humor about it, because I know that in a year I will stop this medicine and then my workouts and healthier eating habits will have a great impact on my weight.

Until then I make jokes, wear a lot of Comfy clothes, workout and avoid unnecessarily fattening foods.

My body resembles a cuddly stuffed animal, which is my own brand of sexy. In fact, since cancer I have had more younger men chasing after me than ever. It’s very amusing. So I won’t be rocking the bikini any time soon. I can dance some youngsters under the table and I can laugh with the best of them.