There is no better way to express your point of view than writing. With a pen you can create personalities, characters and worlds.

If there is an irritating person in your reality, with a stroke of a pen they can become the villain in your written world. Or, you can transform them into the person you would like them to be. You can create “Mr. Right” you can get vengeance on all that wronged you, or you can create a world that interests you.

It’s cathartic, it’s revealing, it’s exciting!
But, how can you survive writing fiction? Is there a market for it?

No. Was my answer for the longest time.

And, now my eyes are opening to fact that there maybe a way. I found a place that is offering me subtle but stead reassurance coaxing my hidden author into the light of the retail market.

As with all newborns, my first steps are tentative. Will I stand? Will I fall? Time will tell. The momentum builds.

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