The 50 and Fabulous Project

So many of my friends are turning 50 this year and my own 50th is next summer.  It got me thinking that I should do something to turn this milestone into a year-long celebration of life.

So what popped:  50 years = 50 weeks

One project per week.  But how do I get the options narrowed down and how do I get my readers and followers involved?
How about an event?  Let the members contribute shoot themes and then each week I plan them, post the progress and the behind the scenes of the shoots and then the final resulting pictures.

Members/readers get to interact, comment and talk about what they like or did not like regarding that week’s project. 

When all 50 projects have been completed.  We would hold a contest where the member/readers vote for the project they would most like to see turned into a more indepth project to raise funds for a worthy cause that is related to the original theme.

Not bad, I think.  So I shoot from the hip and develop a group of folks on Facebook who may be able to help me flesh this out before I post the event and spend money advertising it.

This is the Journal on how the process goes:
Day one – make a Facebook group of all those I think can help (and even those I knew wouldn’t).

It didn’t take long for the drop outs to appear.  The first one dropped right after They read the title, then the list of those who weren’t interested enough to mull it over.  All of this I had expected, being a marketer you learn only one in every 1,000 handouts results in a new inquiry.  

However the Optimus in me, innocently craves a more positive response. So now we are an hour since the posting I’ve lost between 10 and 15 respondents and have had two sincere replies.  I quests that makes me above the odds.

Tune in tomorrow night for my next entry.  Who knows I may be astonished.

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